My intention for writing

Ever since I have carried memories within me, I have harboured the dream of a free and harmonious life on earth. This may be because my childhood was the opposite. The world's current problems reinforce this desire all the more: the exploitation of our planet, the power of the media, an unjust monetary system, outdated school systems, the omnipotence of large corporations and the separation of humans from nature.

In March 2020, when the situation on the world stage came to a head, I had the vision of writing a novel about the changing times. A gripping story was created around questions that kept running through my mind:
Who were you before the world told you who you were? Are there other realities? Are you as free as you think you are, or who is pulling the strings?
And ... what would our planet look like if we broke out of the cage of manipulation and conditioning and fully realised our true potential?

The books have so far been published in German. A translation into English is my vision.

Lucy and the essence of things - The Way Out of the Matrix (Volume 1)

Who were you before the world told you who you were? What is the powerful purpose of your thoughts? And do you know what the dark night of the soul is all about?

Lucy is faced with the shambles of her life when an accident in her family prompts her to travel to Spain. An adventurous journey begins that will change her and her life forever. On her journey, Lucy encounters a mystery from the past, meets a mysterious master and discovers a magical place of power. This leads her to deeper realisations about her own existence - and the interwoven future of humanity.

An inspiring story full of adventure for readers who long for answers to big life questions.
Inspiring. Adventurous. Insightful.

Reading sample: Lucy and the essence of things 


Lucy and the Hidden Knowledge - The Discovery of Reality (Volume 2)

Are there other realities? Do you know what potential we humans are blessed with? Are you as free as you think you are, or who is pulling the strings?

Lucy harbours a dream of a perfect world. She learnt a wealth of wisdom from the old master Aramis in Spain, which brought her one step closer to her vision. But back in Germany, she feels overwhelmed by all the injustice and problems on the outside. The world seems to be out of balance. When a mysterious threatening letter turns up, she realises that she has to go back in order to move forward. To Spain!
There she realises how tiny her excursion into the world of mysteries has been so far. She climbs the steps of consciousness, recognises the necessity of double awakening and learns about the superpower of cosmic laws.
A stay in the forests of the Sierra Nevada gives her life a turnaround. In the healing realm of nature, she comes close to her own nature.

But dark insights behind the scenes of the big world stage challenge them to remember who we humans really are.

History has the power to change your life and the way you see our reality!

Reading sample: Lucy and the hidden knowledge


From 2024: Lucy and the land of tomorrow - On the threshold of a new era (Volume 3)

Volume 3 of the trilogy shows what we humans are capable of when we are truly free. To achieve this freedom, it is necessary to go through the valley of the dark soul first. A far-reaching crisis can be the deeper meaning for a great leap in consciousness. It has the power to spark an evolution and destroy old dogmas.

Reading sample: still secret 😉


In May 2020, I received a request from the author Bettina Gronow to take part in her book project "Treasures of Women". Eight very intense and personal questions were to be answered. 46 exciting women with different life journeys felt called to participate. The result is a touching co-creation with inspiring insights into the diverse life stories of extraordinary people.

For me, it was the trigger to have my thoughts printed in a book for the first time.

Treasures of women

Co-author of the book project

Bettina Gronow, Anya Kaldek and 40 other authors
Paperback, 232 pages

Book description
Clear the stage for the treasures of women. This work is a real treasure trove, because there is more than just one treasure in every wonderful woman. The women share their treasures with you, whether you are a woman or a man, and they give you a deep and often very touching insight into their lives. Together with them, you will embark on a journey through life, the many challenges and all the questions that often concern us all. The answers will inspire you and the questions themselves will allow you to examine where you stand and what you are currently thinking. A double work for our colourful and rich life.