Out of love and passion

Out of love for myths and powerful symbols, out of passion for the beauty and diversity of the world, my life partner and I founded the jewellery label Anísch de la Cara - Pieces for Peace together in 2010.

Our jewellery is more than just jewellery. They are storytellers that transport us to distant countries and cultures. They are ambassadors of peace and harmony.

We are pleased that we can contribute to making the world a little more beautiful and peaceful with our work.

Multi-award-winning designer label

Our label has been honoured with numerous awards over the years.

  • 2015 Mediterranean sustainability award
  • 2018 Brand outfitter at RTL Germany
  • 2020 Jewellery Designer of the Year – Iberia
  • 2021 Best Luxury Handmade Jewellery Company – Spain
  • 2022 Best Luxury Bespoke Jewellery Company – Spain
  • 2023 Best Luxury Cultural Jewellery Company of the Year – Spain

Hidden treasures of past cultures united in jewellery

Our jewellery pieces tell stories of past and new cultures. In our studio on the Spanish coast, we create enchanting works of art from old saris, Tibetan prayer flags and traditional fabrics from indigenous peoples.

Silver amulets from the Tuaregs, trade beads from Africa and mystical symbols from different cultures around the world merge peacefully to create unique lucky charms, protective amulets and wish bracelets.

With respect for nature and all life

At Anísch de la Cara, we delve deep into the mythology of great cultures and transform ancient teachings, patterns and symbols into contemporary jewellery.

At the heart of every original culture is an immeasurable appreciation for the environment. Everything in nature is sacred - people, animals and Mother Earth are treated with equal respect. We bring this fundamental attitude to life in our work and take it out into the world.

By recycling and upcycling old materials, we breathe new life into them.